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1. What`s the catch? How do you guys get paid?
Our service is free of charge to you. By appointing us as your advisor, your Medical Scheme will pay us the standard regulated monthly comission as defined in the Medical Schemes Act. This amount is already part of the standard monthly premiums, and is paid to whom-ever you appoint as your advisor. Your Medical Aid premium is therefore set and you pay the same premium every month whether or not you use the services of an advisor or not. There`s no catch - your Medical Scheme will pay us for the service we provide to you.

2. What if I want to appoint another person or company as my advisor?
No problem. You can appoint anyone who is accredited with the Council for Medical Schemes and the Financial Services Board to provide advice on healthcare products. They will also need to have been trained by and have a contract with your Medical Aid.They will follow a similar process to what we do. You can do this at any time. Unfortunately we can only offer our medical aid tools and information to our members, so if you appoint another broker, you will lose this benefit and no longer have access to our website and related services.

3. Who can join Medical Aid Online?
Anyone who is currently on a Medical Aid, or who intends to join a Medical Aid through us, can join. The exceptions may be members of company Medical Aids and people belonging to the Government Employees Medical Scheme (GEMS) or any other closed scheme. If you are belong to a Company endorsed medical aid scheme and like what you see on the website, get your HR person to contact us.

4. I'm on a Medical Aid with the rest of my company, but we`re eager to change. Can you assist?
Most certainly. Contact us directly and we will provide you with comparative group quotes from a number of competing Medical Aids and our extensive service agreements we provide to groups.

5. There`s a wealth of information here...almost too much in fact. Where should I start?
If you are not on a Medical Aid, you`re presumably interested in this site because you need to select one. The best place to start is Choose. Choose will analyse your needs and budget, and provide you with a short-list of Medical Aid options best suited to you. If you are already on a Medical Aid, we can almost certainly offer you either more comprehensive, or more affordable cover. The best place for you to start is Find. Find compares your current Medical Aid option with alteratives in the market and will yield a short-list of Scheme options applicable to you.

Once you have a short-list of options that interest you, the next step is Compare. Compare will allow you to view the rates and benefits of up to three scheme options side-by-side. You can compare information on the Scheme itself, the individual plan, hospital benefits, day-to-day benefits, chronic medication benefits and monthly contributions. Comparisons contain a large amount of detail, and are both color, and star coded by category so as to highlight positive and negative attributes of the schemes being compared, enabling you to more effectively compare medical aid options you may be interested in.

You can also at any time use the Medical Aid Info function to get more information about a specific Medical Scheme, and the range of options they offer.

Selecting a Medical Aid can be a daunting and confusing process. We`ve tried to supply you with tools on this site to make that selection process as simple as possible. If at any time you feel lost, you are most welcome to contact us to assist you personally with the process.

6. You have most but not all Medical Aids on your site. Why can I not join or get information on some schemes through Medical Aid Online?
We are contracted with most open market Medical Schemes which in our opinion represent the cream of the crop. We keep a constant eye on the market, and we are in constant discussions with Medical Aids. We do not recommend certain schemes either because they do not offer value for money, may not be as stable or reliable as others or because their contracting criteria contain clauses which if accepted will compromise the objectivity and independence of the service we provide. Remember also that some Medical Schemes are "Closed" schemes, and are not accessable to the general public.

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